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367 days…and still counting…

6th Nov, 2006 was our engagement-anniversary. Ofcourse i remember it because it was the first anniversary 🙂

367 days. Thats a long time. Even longer when you see the phone bills. All the rupees and dollars spent on long distance calls. It seems much longer. It does, doesn’t it?

When you sit back to balance your expenses, and you find that the amount you spent on the phone bills is much lesser than the precious moments you spent together, it seems a bargain.

Life is really a bargain, if you are married. And if married to the right person, its a deal! Its been some good and bad times for these 367 days. Times when we laughed, we had fun, we enjoyed and we were happy. Times when we fought, we kept silent, we hated each other. Its a hurdle race with ups and downs. Sometimes you get your way, sometimes you are in the way.

These 367 days have taught me a lot, and i am certain it will continue to add to my strengths.

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