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Why Blogging??

Well i am not asking you, why blogging. This was asked of me, by one of my respected colleague.

Why Blogging? It made me think of various reasons why i blog. Why?

To start with, i have the reason why i started.
To be in touch with friends, even when i don’t have time to mail everyone individually.

Then the another, more important reason came along.
Most of my friends – in fact all of us on the face of earth – have many problems. Many of them used to discuss it with me, and i thought this could be the same with someone else, somewhere else..who may also be in the need of a solution. So, i thought to share the problems (anonymously) and the solutions (not sure, how many of them worked) through my blog.

Third reason came along after i got married 🙂
Well you all know after marriage, husbands can not speak at home. They have two choices: Shut Up, or Speak in sleep. I didn’t want to choose either of them, so i chose to raise my voice and put it across my wife when i m not in front of her, so when we fight over that issue (which is almost everyday), she is little bit cool :))
** Don’t take that seriously people, just tried to add some spice.

Last, but not the least reason came along with the 8th habit –
Share what you have learnt and what you like. So i started sharing my knowledge, my gigs and a little bit of enthusiasm across my friends and visitors of the blog.

There are more reasons which compel us to do the things. Some we do consciously, some unconsciously..but there is always a reason deep within. Its all about having fun and a little happiness…May your reasons be strong enough, that do not make you quit, and you keep moving just like this blog will, with your support. Take care! And get ready for the Diwali season.

1 thought on “Why Blogging??

  1. Quite agree with the last stanza..i guess however conversant u are, ther always certain things left unsaid, which find a way out when u key down.i guess thats the beauty of blogging…

    happy blogging..

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