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Hear My Heart

To you My Love I gave you this
For you to know where my heart is

The day we met, we laughed a lot
I wish that day, would never end

One day I woke up and looking for you
I don’t know why, I don’t understand

I looked into my eyes, I can see is you
I heard my heart saying I love you

Trials are there trying to break us apart
But I know our love wont be defeated just like that
Be strong for me like I do to you
Trust our love it will lead us through

I know we’re apart but not for long
I hope that day wont be too long
As I am here waiting for you
To show and share my life with you

So hold my hand and
Hear my Heart this is for YOU ….

(If you think i have written this, i am sorry. This beautiful piece is written by my friend Shashikumar Jogi, from Aamchi Mumbai…enjoy!!)

5 thoughts on “Hear My Heart

  1. Ye pyaari si kavita, kisi bahut pyaar karne waale, pyaare se dil se hi aa sakti hai.

    Bhagwaan har pyaar karne waale ko mila de. Unhe kabhi ek dusre se alag na rakhe.


  2. its really very good and touchy
    me also agree that “Ye pyaari si kavita, kisi bahut pyaar karne waale, pyaare se dil se hi aa sakti hai”

  3. Dude,
    Can u pls gimme da contact no. of jogi if he is da same jogi who studied in COEP, Pune….I am an old friend of his who has lost touch wid him…nothin else..tell him Vinnu who did his project at KPCL was asking for him….

    thanks n regards,

  4. Vinnu,
    Even i am not sure abt his contact no. but you can find him on orkut. hope that helps..thanks.

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