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Lights! Sweets!! Fireworks!!!

Well if it was my routine gig, i would have said lights! Camera!! Action!!!
But this time, its Diwali. Celebration time. Time to move towards light…afterall, its the festival of lights.

As usual, when we move from darkness to light, we are not sure if its the light at the end of the tunnel is bright-yellow-day light, or is it the light of the approaching train. But we have to make that move and take that risk.

Risk taking is one important part of Diwali, as we all try to light that rassibum in our hand and throw it away. Many a times this get riskier and people get hurt. But that again is the risk to walk on the road on a diwali night – just like holi – except that you wear new cloths. Life does not treat us as if its Diwali. Everyday is a day we have to play with fireworks, and try to dodge those rassibums and crackers on the road while we move towards our goal to enjoy the life, enjoy the lights, and enjoy the sweets.

I hope you are all prepared with crackers, rockets, bullets and sweets. And i am sure its not the first Diwali that you are celebrating. But have you -infact, have WE – ever stopped to see what this Diwali brings to us? Its not about a 3-4 day vacation and a good time at home. Its more than that.

Diwali is all about truth and lies. Good- and Evil. Its a lesson of values that our ancestors have put in the book of our lives. And so that we do not forget, its a revision of the same lesson every year. Its a lesson to tell us what is correct and what it not. Its an attempt to teach us the meaning of truth, honesty, courage and relationships.

Truth is what helped Ram win over Ravan. Honesty is what was shown by Sita, by Hanuman. Courage is what shown by Vibhishana. And relationships? That is the base of the whole epic of Ramayana.

We live our lifes in episode, thats why we tend to forget these things. If we had a chance to live our life as an Epic, we would understand.

This Diwali, lets think about it. Should we be living our life in Episodes – From light to darkness and darkness to light? Or should we indulge ourselves, with all our heart and all our might, to make it an Epic ..a journey towards Light.

Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamay…Happy Deepawali.

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