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Present. Past. Tense.

We are not going to learn grammar here friends, but we sure gonna talk about tenses. Tense, which sometime steal away our sense, and makes us “Tense”.

Its not that funny as it looks to be. Its really tense. Its serious.

I was asked,”Why is it that the memories of our past do not let us be happy in present. Why is it not easy to forget the past and move on. Why is it so difficult?”

To be frank, i dont have the answer. To be true, I am also, sometimes, haunted by the memories of past. But i dont let them make me tense. I get over the past-tense. And move back to present-tense, thinking about my future-tense. Well – so much for that smart solution but how do we do it?

Easy – as i believe most of the things in this world are – it is too very easy. Simply forget what you dont like to remember. sounds good..isn’t it? But its a tricky thing to do. It will take some practice, but i am sure you can do it. Try to replace the bad memories with good one.

think this: 2 best things ever happened to you. How did you feel at that moment? Do you want to relive those moments? How…
and think this; 2 worst things ever happened to did you feel at that moment? Do you want to relive those moments? WHY??

That why will help you get out of your past, and move towards your future. Remember the good deeds if you want to. Cherish the good past if you want too. Forget the bad memoires and memories, burn those old letters (if any), bury those grudges and problems, make a new start.

“everyday the sunshines with same rigor, forgetting the shades of the sky it had the other day…thats because its a new day!”

Your new day may be awaiting you. Forget the shades of are here to reach your destiny, and sky is no limit.

3 thoughts on “Present. Past. Tense.

  1. i guess the past BAD memories are to benchmark your strength and the reason to savour the present.You’ve borne the unpleasant things albeit with a few bruises, at times, are a yardsticks to guide you through and move on.
    Say cheers to life and Live for the moment…to its fullest measure

  2. Live not in the past for it is gone, nor in the future coz its yet to come. Let neither your past nor the future spoil your present.

  3. Good thoughts..

    it is the present movement that is important…But past is what make us realise value of the present.
    But don’t give over empaisis over past and future to ruin your present.

    When one of my friend who struggled to get in to a call centre once,giving interviews for 3000 rs for a month,Recently complinaed after getting 6 liakh per annum now denounce the organisation and surrondings..I realise important of past.The morale of the old story is live like wht you live now for…confused…me tooo.

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