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Love is a miracle

I want to share a story of one of my very good friends today. She is wonderful. She has a twinkle in her eyes that can make you feel good no matter how stressed you are, or how bad your day was. She is one girl i have seen filled with immense energy and enthusiasm.

For last few months, she is not the same. The reason is- Love. She fell in love with someone, and both of them had a good time. They enjoyed being with each other. They shared lot of good moments together, they missed each other when away and they were so made for each other. They had all the plans of getting married, but suddenly one day everything perished. Their families wont allow them to get married…and they had to part with each other. It was a terrible day when i heard that. And even today i feel bad for them.

What did they do wrong? It was just love. Love is all you need. Then why? What was their fault?

Love is the power that gives you a ability to do whatever you want. When you are in love, you can do anything. You dont need any help. The only thing you need is the person you love by your side and then you are the king.

But I have faith in God..and God has his own ways of making things correct. Today they are sad, but i am sure they will fall in love with someone else with whom they would share their lives. I am positive their lives will be even better, delightful, romantic, content, successfull and fabulous. All of us want that kind of life; Dont we?

What the secret of getting that life? I say, this oneliner- “Never marry a person you love. Marry someone who loves you.”

If you already love someone, find out do they love you too? Dont wait.
If you know someone who loves you- Go! get a life…what are you waiting for?
And if you are still looking, try is not easy to get.

No matter what, trust me- you wont regret if you leave everything else for love. In the end, its worth it.

1 thought on “Love is a miracle

  1. Thanks Ashish…Thanks.

    Apna aur pallavi bhabhi ka khayaal rakhna. Aap dono bahut khush rahiye.

    Har ek raahgeer ko manjil mil jaati hai, hum hawaao se apna thikaana poochne chale,dil se pyaar karte hai unhe itna,ki aansuo se fasana likhne chale.

    Bus ek hi cheez seekhi hai life mein…haste raho. Coz someone used to say…Keep smiling 🙂

    Ab to hasna hi zindagi ban gayi hai, unki ye wish bhi hum poori kar denge.

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