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Have you seen this famous Tom Hanks flick? Castaway is story of a Fedex shipping professional, who gets into a plane crash and reaches an island. He lives there for months, alone, sad and gloomy. He makes friends with a football, cures his toothache with an ice skate, catches and eats fishes. After a long time he is able to make a raft he could use for getting back home.

Same is life here. For me it may be business as usual but for pallavi its more difficult. She has always been a family person unlike me. And now, she is castaway here…away from her near and dear ones. I dont understand how she will get through this, but it certainly is difficult for both of us. She misses each and every person back home. I still have to go a long way before i can make that raft to get back home. I am here in search of not only a raft but a bigger cruise boat that would satisfy my hunger.

Why is it that my dreams and my goals look bigger compared to missing-the-family? What is more important? How long does it take to forget everyone who cared about you and be a stone-hearted person? What is it that makes the real difference? – Its it your achievements, your dreams…or your family and friends?

1 thought on “Castaway

  1. u do sound desprate, listen 2 my story
    my whole family, cousin etc live in lhr
    i with my parents live in khi
    visited lhr 4 only 15 dayz after 1 whole year,
    u get sed to it, get busy in the rotine
    distance always make heart come closer,
    ive bloged about those 15 days
    tc bye

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