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Lucky! Am I ?

I feel lucky. Thing are going my way. If you go back to read my blog from last week, i was unlucky. I feel lucky today.
Am i really lucky or is it just the way thing are happening makes me think so? Does luck really exist? Do people get ahead only on their luck? Lets Rip.

Luck, i believe is Labor Under Correct Knowledge. If you know what you are doing, and know how to go about it, you can get ahead. If you just keep on waiting for your fate to throw opportunities at you, it may, but then are you prepared to grab them? Its a dilemma when it comes to making a wish, and making it happen. We all wish for good things. How many of us really do something to make it happen? Wishing is not a crime, dreams are not weapons. But to not work for realizing that dream, is a crime. Its like cheating yourself. God would not incite a dream on us if it were not to come true. He provides us with the ability to realize our dreams. We are the ones who do not use that ability, and over time, that ability vanishes. The passion dies. And life stops.

For last few weeks when things were not moving the way i wanted, i kept trying. Everything fell in place, and now i feel more secure and serene. Is that luck?

Thats all i had to talk about life. I want to end it with this- Luck does not exist isolated. Its the meeting point of opportunity and preparation. I got lucky when i met pallavi. She was an opportunity, and i was prepared. I feel lucky. Infact, i am lucky that i have a wonderful life partner like her. She is awesome. After missing her for almost 3 months, now she is here.

That was about love, and about software. Am i lucky enough to have a nice job in a growing organization with a decent pay? you bet! For the first one week i was not sure, but as the things have started becoming clear, i am interacting with client and my peers and knowing them, its getting more interesting.

Be it life, love or software, you get lucky if you put yourself into it. If you are not interested, luck is not interested in you. Go out there, do it, and you can have it all!

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