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My Sweet Angel

There is a special reason for today’s blog. The reason is a special person.

One of my dear friends asked me to fill her slambook today. We have been friends for years now – almost 8 yrs – but this is altogether different kind of friendship.
We have spent more times chatting online, than in person. We have spent more time away from each other, than closer. Its been a wonderful experience.

I still remember those days at my college when i used to go down to physics department just to meet her. I hardly knew her, but somehow we had a chemistry in the physics department. Sounds funny, but its true.

We didn’t meet that much, may be once a month or so. I still remember the days i helped her with her project – only what i could do with computers- nothing to do with physics. But yeah, those times were fun. Her way of pointing the font size, and the font style. Her way of saying “hame ye accha nahin laga..ise change karo”. Everything was so childish, so cute.

She moved on to be one of my best friends, i dont know how, i dont know when. We celebrated her birthday at the celebrations near shreemaya. And it was a wonderful day, bcoz it was 25th december, it was christmas, it was her birthday.

Anyways, we had to part with each other. I moved to bombay but promised to take her shopping if she ever visited me. That day is yet to come…and i am waiting for it. She joined her MBA after that, and was busy studying. I was busy working, learning, and flying in and out of india.

Recently, i met her, to invite her for my marriage. I had henna in my hair, but i did not wanted to loose this chance, so i drove 6 kilometers with green hair, to meet her. We had an icecream..okay, two icecreams bcoz we had one-on-one free offer. Talked a bit, and she scolded me for not planning to take pallavi with me to bombay. I had all valid reasons, but she kept on blaming me..and as always, i said sorry! she is invincible!

Well, i can never forgive her for not attending my marriage, but!

So, today is the day she was waiting for long. She finished her MBA final exams, and as i expected she got 93 out of 100 on her project and viva. She is brilliant.

The reason i am writing this blog is i cant fill her slambook from thousands of miles i m treating this blog as a slambook for her..just want to mention that she is one of the best friends i have. She is a wonderful girl, beauty with brains, as they say..she is just awesome.

Now if you were wondering who is she, her name is Shachi Mansingh. I am not sure if she’ll ever read this, but i am sure she will be a celebrity one day.

2 thoughts on “My Sweet Angel

  1. I’m not Sachi but am touched by ur description. Ashish, its too touching and honest. Keep it up. True heros never tell lie. U r the best…hopefully u never know who am i 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Ashish…I read this blog long time back…n still read it often when I get low in life…it gives me the “wow” feeling that I could make a difference in somebody’s life by being a part of it….how are you? how has life been? long time since we last interacted…hope you doing great as always…I wish to you see you at the pinnacle of every happening in life….take charge, take control n make every dream come true…All the Best…Cheers….

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