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Why is life so uncertain? How can we control certainity?

These are the questions i have been asking myself for long. But since last two weeks, its been my daily raaga!

Things are happening at weird pace, and unbelievable uncertainity. I have made some decisions that people doont like, and people want me to make some decision that i dont want to. Everything is getting into a vicious circle. I know i will get out of it. I have faced many whirlpools before..but this one is quite tough.

I have thought a lot…and guess that its a part of life. Life bring you uncertainity so you could be a good decision maker. It makes you feel lonely so you can make new friends. It bring hurdles on the track so you could learn to jump. Life is a great teacher. And i am learning.

We are all just the same. We loose faith and courage when we should have it. We need someone to remind us of our power. Our abilities. And once we realizer what we can do, there is no stopping. We are on the fast track.

You dont need superpowers like Krissh to win the battle of your life. You dont need a brain like vishwanathan anand to predict the next-moves in your life. You dont need the stamina of maria sharapova to hit that ace.
What you need is a belief to change your uncertainity into certainity. And as always, if you think you can, you will.

2 thoughts on “Un…..Certainity

  1. Funky Dorie says:

    It seems these days I am song obsessed…. and I can actually find a song to reflect my every mood… your case, two songs for you:
    You live you learn – by Alanis Morissette AND
    Drive – by incubus…

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