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Gobhi Manchurian and Bread Rolls…

Have you ever had multiple new experiences in a very short time? Bad Things that you never wanted to happen, occurred one after another? and Good things you always thought will happen came along? Well…check this out..

Its independence day long weekend, monday was a day off for me, so we thought we’ll drive down to DC and meet Manish and Geetanjali bhabhi.
Started around 5:30 pm on friday evening, and reached at 10. Bhabhi had cooked Gobhi manchurian and fried rice for was superb…mmmm..i am still licking my fingers 😉

so we had a great dinner, than talked for a while and slept. In the morning manish went to get the city map from the car so we can plan out the day. Voila!! the car is gone. He was scared to death…the car is stolen? where is the car? who took my car?
He thought to check my car, and to his surprise my car was also gone. His first experience (and mine too) with towing. Yup! Our cars had been towed, bcoz they didnt had some permit. What permit? My car was a rental car..may be i am not supposed to drive out of state..may be Manish forgot to renew his emmission check stickers? After 1 hour of trying to find out, we came to know that our cars were towed becz they did not have the parking tickets required by the apatment complex. Anyways, we managed to take a cab and reached the towing company’s office. Now, they wanted 175$ for each car!!! thats gross. Yesterday the rates were 70$ but effective 1st July, the govt. has increased the rates to 175$…we fought for 2 hrs, but of no use. So, ultimately, we end up paying 350 $, plus cab charges of 20$ to get back our own cars! my gosh!

wait..if you are thinking the weekend is over, its not. We had fun all day long, and on sunday too…but as we moved back to home sunday evening it started for rain. Once we were in the house, it started to rain even harder. It was a thunderstorm. Trees started to fall down, no sight beyong 10 was horrible. We were watching Hera-Pheri on TV and suddenly the light went power..just candles. And the power returned at 10 am in the morning…a 30 hrs outage!!

That was some “perfect” weekend! After all this pain, there was only one thing that could make us forget it all and relax..yes, bhabhi’s delicious bread rolls…and so, we had it in the breakfast today.

Gobi manchurian and bread rolls i can never forget, and 175$ for car towing, and a night without ligt, i can never forget. But in the end, it was all worth it, as we met after exactly one year, and this time, it was more exciting, as little Ambudhi was also with us…her smile, her eyes, her cute little dimples, and her silly actions…that is one great weekend!!

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