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U p g r a d e

Upgrade. What does the word suggest?

Its all about going to a next level. I am working on an Oracle Apps upgrade, and was doing a lot of thinking about it. Well upgrade does not essentially mean you have to change everything. What it means is, to add what you found is missing; to change what you think can be made better; to fix what is broken.

Its the same with all software. Its the same with life.

You need an upgrade if you want better performance our of yourself. Everyday, the word around you is changing. Its getting more and more competitive. More advanced. Much faster, and even more difficult. To keep pace with this world, you have to get an upgrade.

What to upgrade? How to upgrade?
First of all, get an upgrade checklist.
What are the qualities you have, and how can they help you achieve your goals.
Do you think there is something missing, which if you had, you could have performed better?
Is there something you feel is wrong and should be corrected?

Do a SWOT for yourself. What is SWOT? Its a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat analysis. We will talk about it in detail, some other day.

Once you know what is it that you want to upgrade, its quite straightforward.

For example, here is my upgrade checklist-
Changes required: Bring procrastination to zero
Fixes: Reduce sleep to 5-6 hours only.
Additions: Read some good books. Learn new skills related to work.

Now this is just a part of the upgrade process. And once you know what you need to change, you can find out how to change. For example, even a kid can tell me what i need to do to make the additions, changes and fixes i listed above.

Next step, is to just go ahead and do it! Take Action! Do it now!

We’ll talk more about procrastination, and taking action some other day. And yes, of course SWOT too.

Happy upgrading!

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