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A r e Y o u C o m f o r t a b l e

She said sorry.

Why do I have to hurt her with my stupid comments and then she says sorry, instead of me apologizing?

Why do I tell her what she should be doing when I know its difficult for her?

Ok..Give me your frank opinion. I just told her that its good for you if you sometimes come out of your comfort zone. Was I wrong? Or did I say it in wrong way?

Is it with all of us, or is it just her who is not ready to come out of her comfort zone?

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they have to come out of the comfort zone. Its important to grow. Its important to get out there and keep pushing yourself to get better, get onto fasttrack. If we keep on doing what we have been, we’ll be where we are. A winner, has to learn something new everyday that will make his life easier, and bring his goals closer. Success in life comes to those who walk up to it and do what is needed to achieve it. It does not come just from thinking or dreaming of it.

Life brings comfort to you if you learn to get out of comfort zone. And its easy. You can still recall a few things which you always thought you could not do. But as time passed by, you did those. Have you ever thought you could have done them back then, had you just took a step to come out of your comfort zone.

Try it. Try to find out what in your life or your habits is keeping you away from your goals? What is it that’s pulling you back? Then, think how can you remove that hurdle. How can you move ahead and grow. You will get the answers, if you ask the right question !

All the best!

2 thoughts on “A r e Y o u C o m f o r t a b l e

  1. your blog is highly motivational.
    It is a virtual place to find solution of my everyday problems.

    I will appreciate it if it will be more diversified

  2. Your blog is great stuff.. something which each one of us out there feels and comes across in our everyday life….

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