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About Love Only

Recently i have talked a lot about life, a little about software but nothing about love.
So i decided to talk about love today.

The question is does love empower you, or it weakens you?

Love has immense power. It has great energy. It gives unlimited motivation and zeal, provided you take it in the right way. Love can weaken you if you are afraid, it can demoralize you if you are not strong, and it can hurt if you panic.

Love has the power to help you achieve what you desire. Love, and someone who loves you are the greatest gifts of god. Love does not mean loving only one person, or being loved by someone. It has a bigger meaning. Love starts from loving yourself. If you do not love what you are, if you do not love your being and your dreams, you probably can not genuinely love anything else.

Love is about giving. Love is about caring and providing for them who need. Love is the best feeling someone can ever have. And when you love someone, you can do anything – good or bad – for them.

Just the way Marie does for Raymond, and then says
“Its not my fault..It comes from love..”

If you have loved someone you’ll know what i am talking about. When you are in love – be it with ur beloved, your dreams, your parents, or just something else – you are in heaven. You know you can conquer the whole world. You know there is no limit for you. You have whole world beneath you.

Keep loving, stay beloved, spread love..and win!

I love you.

1 thought on “About Love Only

  1. I think being in love is the most beautiful feeling one could ever feel.

    One cannot stay away longer, from people who love them. I know life has enough troubles, but i’m happy god gifted us “LOVE”.

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