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Sleepless in Exton

Well i had to steal this title because i am a fan of Tom and Meg movies. They are awesome. Right now its 5 am and i am sleepless.
You may not be interested to know the reasons, but let me tell you. Please. Well there are all these three reasons we talk about, Life;Love and Software.

I was sound asleep when someone from my offshore team in India called me and woke me up. They had an “issue”. These issues sometimes freak you out. seriously. It took almost an hour to get it resolved. It was 4 am now. Well thats a good time to talk to my wife i i called her up and we ended up talking for another 30-40 minutes..the love strikes as they say. Well dont ask me who pays my phone bill. Let some secrets remain secret. Ok, so i am on phone with my wife listening to her nice and happy stories and there are two missed calls. Yeah, you guessed it right. The issues. The software never stops to ruin your life. Love life to be more precise. At this time when i should either be sleeping or talking to my wife about love, i am writing this blog. Thanks to the software again.

Come to think of it, how are they all related? Its like everything has become a part of life. When software freaks wake me up I call up my wife for love. And when i want to share my love i have to use a net phone or messanger or stupid paid-e cards.

Well software does make life a hell. Yeah. “You were not online honey!”.
Like Ram was online for Sita when she was in lanka.

“O honey..Ram..why dont u just bust this Ravan’s firewall and capture his unix box”


“No sweetey (read it like Sitey). I am sorry. my sysadmin Laxman does not know anything about unix. He’s more of a windows guy”

“Ah! too bad. I ‘ll have to hack into his systems on my own”.

“No honey..I’ll send over hanuman. He knows some unix”..

Well yeah..and he fired-the-walls of lanka..let alone the firewall.

Stupid blog. I havent had enough sleep you know. Ok..lemme go to bed before it start killing you. Good night!..well good morning..its already 6 now.

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