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A new way everyday

Life is full of choices. Life presents ample opportunities. Life has happiness in store for everyone.

Its us, who drag ourselves thru this life and are afraid to take on these opportunities and make choices. We dont want to enjoy that happiness, but be a moron to be stuck in the whirlpool of our problems and misery.

Believe me, the only easiest thing to do in life is to be happy. It need not come from outside, but it comes from inside. Sages, philosophers, writers, thinkers and teachers have been saying the same thing for ages. We have never tried to make it a habit to be happy. To be cheerful. To be enthusiastic.

Life attracts life. It you are lively, life will bring happiness to you. If you are yawning..the only thing you can get is sleep…that too not sound. Trust me, i am telling you the fact of life..its all about you..its all a state of mind. Its all about fun..yeah baby!

Funny as it may seem, its not. Its more of changing your thought process, your paradigms towards life and make them more clear as you walk the lonely road towards success. The road is lonely because everyone has their own problems to solve and opportunities to explore…but, if you look at it the other way, its not so difficult. Its fun to solve problems, its fun to take challenges, its fun to explore your potential and use it to the max. Its fun to succeed.

Be successful. Have fun. Enjoy…All the Best.

2 thoughts on “A new way everyday

  1. Dear Ashash,

    Nice write up. but there is one more level up where happiness and sorrow becomes oen thing. when positives loses its positivity and negatives loses its negativity..

    Explore the vast ocean up there 😉

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