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Bring it on!!

Life comes at you very fast. Sometimes you have time to think, react and control the outcomes.
Sometimes, it happens in a blink. You don’t have power to do anything. You are a prey to life’s mysterious ways. That is, if you think so.

You are not a prey, if you are proactive. But sometimes, even being proactive doesn’t help. Let me tell you the story of one of my friends. I hope it will relate somewhere to your life, and will inspire you, to believe; to have faith; and to trust in God’s decisions.

He was the most brilliant student of our class. He was the topper. Certainly, he was the best. As he had planned, and as he had prepared for, he got selected in one of the best companies during campus recruitment. Everybody was thrilled at his achievement because he was one of the 8 people out of whole state, who were selected.
He has done it again! He had excel…above all…above everyone else.

God has a mysterious sense of humor. After two months, due to a global recession and the dot com bubble burst, the company closes down its only indian office. Everyone is sent back home. And friend of mine, gets a letter of apologies with one month salary. He is sad. But he is sure life will bring many new opportunities his way.

Before i tell you the rest of the story let me tell you a little about my friend. He is very smart, intelligent and driven. The only problem – some people thinks its a problem, i don’t think so – is that he can not work for someone else. He likes to do things his own way.

So, anyways, while the fate is not in his favor, my friends starts a technical education institute along with some of his friends. He did a lot of hardwork, and succeeded in bringing the institute to be one of the bests in town. As you might have already guessed, fate strikes back. And now, the friends he trusted so much, are leaving for “better prospects”. No one knows how better it will be, or for whom, it will be better. But they have to leave. This guy, run the institute with his own courage and abilities. God is not giving him what he wanted, but he has faith. In himself, in god, in his strengths.

Gradually he does what it takes, and soon enough he is one of the Most Valuable Professionals in his stream. And within sometime he reaches the position he wanted, in a company that he wanted. He travelled abroad, got married to the girl he loves very much, and is living happily.
Still, he thinks he has not achieved what he wants..And he is grabbing the life and opportunities by horn, so he could reach where he is supposed to be. My wishes are with him.

The moral, I want to share with you it that god has his own ways of making things happen. Had my friend lost courage when the company he was offered job from, shut down, do you think he could have achieved what he has today?
Had he lost courage when his friends left him, do you think he could have been what he is today?

Loosing courage and faith does not bring you closer to your goals. You have to confront the problems, and kick them in the face hard enough that they dare not come again. Have faith, have courage, and keep moving. I am sure you’ll conquer this world one day.

Before I end this, a smart quote from the smart friend of mine that I talked about-

“Nothing Goes Wrong, If you are right.”

…And i am sure many of you who are reading this know who i m talking about. Some of you may have been a part in his success too. Atleast i know, he has been an important part of my life..and will always be. All the best to him. all the best to you. Go there, Do it, Have it!
And never be afraid to say – “Bring it on!”.


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