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My Rendezvous with Production….


I am all set to bring down the production system for the database and app upgrade we are doing. We are supposed to be up and running by monday morning.

This is the first time i am all alone for this upgrade. I never handled production alone before this. With me there is Sunil, the DBA, who is going to do most of the technical part, but its the excitement of working on the production systems thats unimaginable.

Had a few meetings for Go/NO-Go decision..filled with spice, enthusiasm, silly questions, valid issues and what not. At one point i was thinking boy! this is gonna get delayed by another 2 weeks…but no…we pulled it through. And got a green signal.

So, next 4 days are the most crucial. Sunil will be in the office starting tonight, and i will also be spending nights in the office from tomorrow. Thats going to be another different experience, first time in US, late sitting in the office. Well i am kind of used to doing that in India, but not here. And the best part is, my manager gave me the passcode to vending machines. Yeah coke and potato chips. Well not that it is the only thing i am excited about. The thrill of working on Production instance in itself is amazing, when you are the only one who is going to make it – or break it!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly. As its always been, the 11th hour issues will take your breaths away.
And someone has said, life is not about the moments you breath, its about the moments which take your breath away. I am hoping for the best, to learn some new stuff, to have fun along the way, and will try to make the best of it.

Thanks for being with me here…take care.

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