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Time – A special Bank account with 86,400 moments

In this special Christmas-new year episode of success steps, Ashish talks about a different kind of bank account that gives you 86,400 every day…how would you use it?

Each one of us has 86,400 seconds when we get up in the morning. A 24 hour day X 60 mins X 60 seconds, which equates to 86,400 seconds.

This is a unique bank account, that gets credited with 86,400 seconds every morning. You can spend this the way you want. You can waste it watching TV, or invest it in learning something that will help you grow and earn more. How you choose to use these 86,400 from your account will determine your long term success.

This account will go to 0 at the end of the day, and a new 86,400 will be given for the next day. The cycle repeats every day, and your choice to use this fund will pave the way for your future.

Here are some useful tips on how you can make sure you use this 86,400 wisely and do not waste this precious fund from the bank account:

  • Plan your day ahead of time. Use the last few minutes of your day to plan the activities for the next day. This will ensure you have a plan, and not scrambling to prioritize things in the morning.
  • Eat Your Frog! This famous line simply means that do your most important task first. Once you get that done, the momentum will help you keep moving.
  • Track your bad “time-waster” habits – and get rid of them. You may not realize this, but every time you have a few minutes if you pick up your phone and browse social media. Without any reason, you spend 10-15 mins on it….it quickly adds up, and maybe by the end of the day you’ve spent an hour on social media. It’s unproductive. Find such habits that are taking away your time, and replace them with good habits. Example – I used to waste my time browsing social media; Now, I put an audiobook on my phone, and if I have a few minutes break – like waiting in a line, walking to the mailbox, etc. I play the book. Even if I am listening for 5 mins, something good is going inside my mind. Positive In – Positive out!
  • Work Smart – could be a cliche, but not many people get it. It doesn’t mean avoiding work or only choosing a certain kind of work. In today’s world, working smart means automation! How much of your time can you save by automating simple tasks?

I hope some of these simple tips will help you use and invest the 86,400 moments that are provided to you every day! Invest it wisely, and each of those moments will give you multi fold returns!

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