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Success is Growth!

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In this episode of success steps, Ashish Jain talks about the message from Anthony Robbins – and how making small progress every day can help you be a successful person. In the words of Anthony Robbins, Success is growth. If you are not growing every day, you are not on the right track to becoming a successful person.

It takes effort to move from one lane to another. But it is important to get on the fast track if you want to get where you are going – sooner.

According to this mathematical formula, a $100 can grow to $3778 and change if you gain a modest 1% every day.

$100 * (1 + 1%) ^ 365 = $3,778.34

That means that if you INVEST in yourself, and target to grow by just 1% every day, at the end of 365 Days, you’ll be 37% better than today. Even if you decide not to work on Sundays, it will still be close to 30% better than your current self. Now I know some of you are sayings it’s hard to improve perfection. Maybe. But have you tried?

Conversely, if you don’t do anything to grow, you’ll actually be impacting yourself negatively! Just like inflation would reduce that 100$ to a lower value by the end of the year, all negative influences, work pressures, stress, etc will bring your overall capability and potential lower if you don’t fuel it.

Here are some tips to fuel your creativity, your potential and help you gain that 1% every day.

  1. Read a few pages of a good book every day. It doesn’t need to be a chapter. Just a few pages is good! Read about your industry. Your work-related content.
  2. Work on developing a skill. You don’t need to master it in one day – but add slowly.
  3. If you want to get fit, start slowly, maybe start with one pushup and just keep adding 1 more pushup to it every day – and keep continuing until it becomes the habit! You’ll be doing 25-30 before you know it!
  4. Write something. Maybe just 10 words to start with.
  5. Talk to someone you care about. Start with 1-minute conversations. And by the end of the year, you’d have to build a relationship like none other!

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