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Sach Ka Saamna: A Moment of Truth for Indian Hypocrites?

If you have seen Sach Ka Saamna on Star Plus – you may be having an idea of what i am going to talk about today.
If you have not seen, then atleast take some time out to see it online or on TV and you will be able to get the gist of this post today.

Sach Ka Saaamna is inspired (or copied) from the American Reality TV Game Show “A Moment of Truth”. Directed by Siddharth Basu and hosted by Rajeev Khandelwal, Sach ka saamna presents the participant with 21 personal questions from their life and they have to say nothing but truth. If they tell a lie -which is confirmed by the Polygraph test (lie detector machine) – then they loose all that they have won. If they tell all the truths, they have a chance to win 1 crore Rs.
Its not important what the show is and what are the winnings. Sometimes even its not important who is the participant. Whats more important is are the participants telling truth?
These truth – mostly bitter truths – can create relationship voes that the participant does not expect before coming on the show.
More surprisingly, the facts that have come out in limelight after the show are much more surprising.
I have seen almost all the episode so far- and 80% of the participants agreed that they have cheated on their life partners.

In a county like India and our “indian society” that boasts fidelity, love, personal values and importance of character – how easy it is to find infidels like this?

The show not only brings forward the truth from participants lives, but also the real truth behind the society and confirms that values can not be pushed onto people – it has to come from within.

On the same sach ka saamna show, a participant accepted the fact that he used a fake id of Indian Navy. Another participant accepted to be having contacts with underworld. Yet another lady agreed of using wrong certificates to get a job.

If we take this sample, and use mathematical equations, we will find that more than half of our “hypocritical” society is full of just that – hypocrites. Who know what should not be done, and will lecture everyone to not do that. And then, they will do it themselves because no one’s watching.

A celebrity participant on Sach ka saamna accepted of having physical and sexual relationships with one of his relatives, one of his wife’s friends and even a girl the age of his daughter.
If thats the gist of values that indian culture has been teaching for years – i think its about time we take a final test.

Everyone is a certified “values” man – but are those certificates real or fake?

1 thought on “Sach Ka Saamna: A Moment of Truth for Indian Hypocrites?

  1. Life is full of wrong and right.Life will not be good if you life with only Right ,Right from the day in world.Accept fact and justify your living is true or false.

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