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Project Management Comedy Video

Project Management is very intriguing concept and even more interestingly practiced by “normal” project managers. Here is our comic approach to project management – the musical bollywood style!
A team of us at HCL did this skit for a 2 year celebration of our engagement at Teradyne in Boston. This was very welcomed by the audience, and i hope you will certainly love it too!
The lead role of Antony Gonsalves, our project manager, is played by Ramanesh Venkatarayar, our DBA. Along with him are Venkatesh Nathan, Chris Hatcher, Margaret Rosene, Ananda Rao, Hariharan Ramadoss, Jagan Thota, Fabrice Langlois, Sethurama Giri, Raja Mohanraj, Rajeev Rastogi, Inderjit Sethi, Praveen Saini, Dean John Abraham and others..
the Story of the project management Bollywood Style is simple: There is a Project. There is a PM. There is a Client. and then there is a project team.
The project somehows succeeds with the help of Contractors, consultants, Infrastructre, offshore team and all – and in the end, Support team is still clueless of the project as the documentation is nothing but a blank file.
You’ll also see a flavor of Oracle, SOX, governance and all things  “PM” !


Last but not the least, if you like this video, share it with your friends! Give them a chance to laugh and flex their Project management muscle!

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