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What is Love?

I know its a question that no one has ever been able to answer. But its worth asking. What is love? What it means? When can you say confidently that you love someone, and when can you say you do not?

It concerns me when i see people breaking up. It concerns me when i talk to friends who are very nervous about commitment. And it concerns me when i know people who are having a hard time finding love, staying in love, and living a happy life.

Is happiness so costly? As Indu (konkana Sen) says in Omkara “Hansi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai zamaane mein”…is it really a big deal to find happiness??

Love is giving..not receiving. Before i go on talking about Love..let me talk about a different kind of Love.
Love- that is between a Brother and Sister. Today is Rakshabandhan, a festival of Brothers and Sisters. A brother loves a sister, even after knowing that one day she is going to go away from her. One day, she will go some place he may not be able to go to meet her. That day when someone else will take her. But the brother still loves her, selflessly. Its even more difficult for sister because she will be away from the brother, will miss him, and have no other option than just cry for a while.

That is love. To love selflessly. Not to worry if you have the person you love with you or not. Distance can not determine the intensity of love. It can just make it easy to miss someone.

Today, think about who you love selflessly. If you do not, think why not? Is there no one who deserves your love? Selfless love is the true love. And as with any good deed, this love will reciprocate itself. And you will get the love you deserve. Spread love in all ways you can, and it will come back to you, all the ways! always!

Happiness is just around the corner if you can start loving someone. Life is all about love and than some more. If you know someone who loves and cares for you, you should be happy instead of being sad that they miss you. If you miss someone, you should be happy that there is someone who cares for you. If someone makes you cry, you should be happy that there is someone who feels for you. No matter what, try to be happy..think the good things, be positive and everything else will fall in place. Love, Life and happiness are all on the same chip. Install it in your mind. And you are good to go!

Love someone. Be happy. Live a content life.

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