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A f r a i d – o f – M i s t a k e s ?

So i had this big meeting today..people with experience of 30+ years. People who see problems day in day out and solve them.

But today, i saw them creating a problem. They were afraid to make mistakes. They were trying to defend themselves. The speaker made a mistake – one of the audience pointed it out – and speaker had a real hard time accepting the mistake. His body language made it clear he was not prepared.

Why are we afraid of making mistakes? Are not mistakes just part of the learning process? Ofcourse i am not saying to make mistakes repeatedly, but once in a while, when you are new to it, its ok to make mistakes. Its more important to learn it and not repeat it. Think of it as if you have are entering a password..once wrong..its ok. You can try again. But if you enter the password wrong 3 times, you are locked! you account is no more accessible to you.

Same is with life. It will give you a chance for sure. You can make a mistake or do it right the first time. If you made a mistake, dont worry, learn from it and correct it. But if you repeat the same, you may be locked out, and life may stop throwing opportunities your way. So its always better to learn, and correct.

Take Charge. Take Control. Make it happen. But never be afraid of making, and accepting your mistakes.

2 thoughts on “A f r a i d – o f – M i s t a k e s ?

  1. hmm, This was for Life, from Love life and s/w
    Learning from u how to live in this strange world. This world looks strange when u talk abt life, it feels like i didn’t know it. why I do not know it.

  2. yah life, i feel it becoms more difficult with time. life is like as a hall with many doors, human knows what is behind these doors, and he has the ability to choose.

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