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Shahrukh Craze !!

People have been bugging me for last one month- since the movie KANK have been released. I haven’t seen it yet – and thats what bothers them because I am a big fan of shahrukh..well i did not get a chance to go..but i am certain i want to watch it.

Anyways, whats so special about shahrukh khan that i am so crazy? Not only me why people across the world are crazy about this not so tall, not too handsome, not that extraordinary man?
Well i dont know the reasons for others, but of course can share mine. And you are most welcome to comment on this blog with you own reasons.

Well first of all Shahrukh has always been a struggler. He started his life from no where..he was not a son or relative of a film star or a producer director. He came to the city of dreams- Bombay- in search of his love, Gauri.
He has never been in gossips for all the bad things that other celebrities- even Amitabh for that matter – have been involved in. He has always been a simple, energetic and hardworking person. His energy levels can’t be beaten by any other living person. He devotes equal time to his profession and family life. He knows how to have a balance. He is the type of person i want to be..Thats why i like him.

This is straight from SRK – ”

Whatever business I do will be in some way connected to entertainment. I dream of one day owning a five-star hotel with a multiplex cinema and a bowling alley. I think there is some entertainment value attached to the hotel business. It forms a part of the entertainment industry. I like people to watch me shoot at Marine Drive and to have a smile. Similarly I would want people to come out of
my hotel with a smile on their faces.

And i share his dream too..thats why i like him. His name, Shahrukh, means “Face of the King”..and thats what he is, king of billions of hearts!

So all you sick šŸ™‚ people who blame me for being a Shahrukh Fan, Go! get a life! šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Shahrukh Craze !!

  1. Hi Ashish,
    I have posted a link to download Windows Live Writer. It a really good tool for writing blogs. you will enjoy it.

    Btw, the video is cool. Best wishes for both of you,



  2. Hey, this was best post from you.
    I went to see KANK on first day. It was 10:00pm in night and I reached at 2:30 at home. I never tried as hard for any other person as for shahrukh , do not know why?
    I do not go for movies to talkies and in night it is impossible for me, and if it is 13km away from home, i will always say noooo.And i knew next day i had to go office in regular time.

  3. both u and sharukh. Probably you both r objects of same class or inherited from same classes, and have some similar attrib and behaviuors

  4. me with you. Love SRK for whatever he is. Personal or professional.. Just love him. though it is hard to see age on his face..but what the hell..still love him:)

    please see: you updated on 360 but never replied to my scrap. That is too bad.

  5. This Blog is really good. I am also a gr8 Fan of SRK and totally Agree with whatever u have written.
    He is really one of the person who knows how to make life. One who has made his destiny.
    Keep it up.

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