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A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend again.

Again, because its been a routine to have great weekends with Pallavi and my friends around.
Great because it always tops the last weekends i had.
Weekend because it WAS a weekend 🙂

Ok, so long story short..we had this “belated” independence day celebrations at Malden on the saturday night. It was the first ever Indian function in the community and it was fun. I know, you are asking if i went on the stage. You bet. I cant resist stage. Anyways, so it was a nice experience.
On sunday we had a little get together at our home only…and it was not that little. Ashish, Rajesh, Aveen, Hardik and Amit were invited for breakfast and lunch, but they showed up at dinner time..not literally..but yeah, almost we cooked and eat some Kheer-Puri. Then pallavi’s SPICY vegetables that i cant eat without a glass of water. On top of that we had starter Pakodas and stuff.

Then we played Monopoly. And our economist Aveen won as always. Next time i am gonna beat him..for sure…

Story over. Moral time.
So the moral is…guess what?
Well, friends definately make life more and more wonderful to enjoy. There is no harm in making fool of yourself in front of others, on the stage, because anyways everyone is a fool after listening to you for 2 mins. And yeah, you need to be lucky to win Monopoly..specially when you are playing with cheaters 😉

PS:(I am still waiting on Mr. Patil for the picture..i’ll update it later)

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