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You are under arrest!!!

My manager came to me and asked if i noticed the two-black chairs that were near the conference room on monday evening when we discussed some stuff. I said “NO”. She was on a office tour, asking everyone the same thing. The chairs are gone.
We discussed a few issues on monday evening, when the chairs were there. Today, someone noticed they are gone. I am not sure if i told you that this office is closing down, so most of the employees have either gone already, or waiting for their last day. And someone, (thats what she suspects) has taken the two chairs home!! incredible!

Well i never thought people could do that in the office. This shock was hard to believe when she mentioned someone “cleaned” up the first-aid box from the cafeteria. Who is so sick?? Literally.

Anyways, this incident gave me another reason to think, how often, or how much, do we cheat? lie? steal?

Can you recall an occassion when –
You stole something?
You cheated on your friend/ your employer?

Ok, let me ask you this…Do you think..
Filling up a form on website to get free stuff…but putting in wrong phone number…is honest?
Signing up for a free seminar, and leaving once you have recieved the complimentary right?
Picking up multiple copies of free magazines for gift offers…is correct?
Taking home the office stationery is correct?

What is it that makes people do this stuff? Is it true that there is a criminal in each of us? Do you think you can control yourself from doing a “Big” crime if you had the same agenda you fulfill in smaller ones? Is it just the comfort and assurance of “not being caught” that encourages us to do this stuff?

Throw in your ideas…and think about it…
Are we under arrest of our emotions and greed???

1 thought on “You are under arrest!!!

  1. people evrywhere r almost same as u mentioned earlier to me. Nature and activities of people does not depends upon geographical or economic situation. This is the thing I understood. Another thing is emotions, every people can caught in emotions.

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