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I want to be….

Everyone wants something. Its human nature. We have expectations..from others, from the nature, from the world, from God, and sometimes – from ourselves.

If you read my previous post you may be aware that the company i am working for is closing down its office here. Employees who have been working for last 10-15 years, are asked to leave. Many of them had been so comfortable in their roles and work that they never thought to learn new things, or improve on professional skills. Today, they are facing the nightmare. They have to search for a new job, something that can help them continue pay their mortgage, their kids fees, their credit card debt.

They are surprise now that they have been wasting all this time not knowing what exactly they wanted to do with their lives. One of them said to me “I dont know what i want to do. But certainly, not technical”. Other one told “I like the handson stuff. I am not sure what i’ll be doing next”.

Why are we not sure of ourselves? Why do we start going with the flow and regret later? what is it that makes our life miserable and uncontrollable?

I wish they are able to get what they want. But this is an eye opener for me, and probably for you, to find out what you want. And to ensure we just do not waste our precious time going thru the daily rituals and forget the more important part of the life.

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