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C r e d i t A n y o n e ???

No its not about the debt, or the loans you have. Its also not about the plastic cards.

Its about the intangible credit that people fight for. Yes, i am talking about the credit you get on achieving something, or accomplishing a task, or finishing a project.

I have seen people fight with each other when the work is to be done. They want to find faults. They want to make other person do what needs to be done. No one takes responsibility, but everyone wants credit.

Why do we fight for credit?

I read somewhere-
You can do miracles if you do not bother whom the credit goes to.
And i am certain its true. I have experienced it. Its more important to have people on your side, then the credit. Its important to create trust, faith and long term relationships then a momentous credit score.

I always love to work for a team where people do not want to fight for credit. That way, you can achieve more, create more, and that is longlasting. When you focus on credit rather than responsibilities, you are dead.

The other side of the coin says that “the rocks” (actual doer) get stuck where they are, and the suckers take all the credits. Believe me, its just for sometime. In the end, your credits comes over to you. If you have done it, you will have it. If you want it for doing nothing, you are a loser.

I want to close this blog with a final thought from Mrs. Indira Gandhi-
“There are two types of people. One who do the things, and one who takes the credit. There is less competition in the first group”.

Hope you make it a point in your life to work for good, work for achieving, work for creating something, rather that work for credit.

All the Best!

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