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A Love Story

“hi..i am calling you because its your b’day next week”
“just wanted to know what do you want this year?”
“can you give me what i want?”
“i promise”
“can you stop loving me?”
“bcoz you know we can not be together..and its difficult for us to live without each other”
“i can do anything for you”
“then please forget me”
“i can’t do that”
“but you just promised”
“well i promised to do anything for you..i can not do anything without you.”
“but this world will not let us to be together”
“then we will go far away from this world..come with me”
“no! sorry..i can not leave my family..”
“i have left everything…my freinds, family, life, career…only for you..and you…”
“please dont make me feel guilty..i know i have taken everything from you”
“you have taken my life from me…i have nothing but you..I love you”
“i love you too but….”

This but is the biggest trouble some of us face in life..isn’t it? Well anyone has an end for the above story?? Problem is, it differs for everyone. We have our own life, our own limits, our own problems, and our own solutions.

Looking at someone else’s life to find solutions for your life, does not work. Believe me, it does not always end like dilwale dulhania le jaayenge. My friend is in great pain right now, and she can not decide what to do. I sincerely wish someone, somehow, help her find the right thing in life. May god bless her!

dont know why, i want to write more, but my hands are not mood to go ahead..will certainly write when i am back to my sane self. so long…

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