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Apna Show Episodes

APNA SHOW # 3 part-5 Interview with Sondarya  & Beautiful Indian dance from IAGB event APNA SHOW # 2 part-4 : Beautiful Indian dance performed by Mounika and Avani APNA SHOW # 5 PART-2 Hosted by Ashish Jain.  Our guest today Aparna Sindhoor APNA SHOW # 7 part-4: Guest Dr. Anu Karna-Rasiah Apna show # […]

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Project Management-Bollywood Style

Project Management Bollywood Style: Watch this video – Its a new way of Project Execution: Project Management Bollywood Style. We recently did this at a 2 yr anniversary of our project. Hope you’ll love it! enjoy… If the video above does not play, go directly to this link visit for more!

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Ashish’s Comedy Performance on Sal Show

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Apna Show Teaser. Apna Show Welcomes you! The new South Asian Community Show of Boston and New England Area. This is Our Show! The one and only show that bring entertainment, learnings, events and community together! visit for more!

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Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai

I got this fwded from one of my friends..I dont know who is the creator of this marvellous piece..but looks like it comes straight from the heart….enjoy!! Apne Project ke bojh tale daba jaa raha hai,Wo dekho ek Software engineer ja raha hai, zindagi se hara hua hai,par “Bugs” se haar nahi manata,Apne application ki […]

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एक नयी रचना – जिसे तुमसे प्यार हो…

आज सोचा हिंदी में कुछ लिख दूं…कुछ लाईनें आपके लिए… ये गीत मैंने और संदीप ने कई सालों पहले लिखा था, लेकिन आज भी एकदम ताज़ा है… जिसे तुमसे प्यार हो… चाहो तुम उसे, उसका नाम लो, मांगो तुम उसीको उसका साथ दो… उसको ही हमेशा प्यार तुम करो, उसके ही ख्वाबों में खोये तुम […]

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