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Words of Encouragement

One of the primary ways people know what you are thinking is by the words you say. Your words express your thoughts to others. You must choose your words wisely and say things only when needed. Silence and listening are more important habits than speaking – still, a lot of us (including yours truly) find it difficult to keep our mouth shut when we should just be listening to others. Let’s hear this story where a few words of encouragement help someone overcome a problem.

Sometimes when we do talk, we end up sharing negative things. People normally like those who share the good news. If you can help others overcome their challenges, if you can motivate others, help them stay, and be positive, they will value you more than those who are negative.

How can you train yourself to share words of encouragement with others?

In this video episode of Success steps, I share a story of frogs who are able to achieve results by mere words of encouragement. Sometimes, it important that you check the words coming out of your mouth.

There is a very small moment between an event and your reaction. At this moment, you must think, decide and act. If you are training yourself to stop at this moment and think decisively to make a positive action – this can change your life. For example, if your friend, or spouse, or child comes to you and asks for something. You may be preoccupied and abruptly answer their question – that is REACT – this may have a bad impression on them. But if you STOP in that event, give a quick thought to their question, and respond with a positive or a word of encouragement, that is a positive acknowledgment and reaction that they would appreciate.

Next time you are in that fraction of a moment, stop! change your thoughts to positive and then act! You’ll see the difference. And people around you will see it too!

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