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Should India Retire from Cricket??

If i were the decision maker, i would take 100% grants from cricket and divide them equally to all the other sports in India.

The indian cricket team does not deserve these resources. They dont deserve any prayer – except for prayers to save them from our anger.

Indian cricket team has once again displayed their unworthiness towards the love and emotions of our countrymen. We live cricket, breathe cricket, love cricket and for what? So that we can be frustrated after our own team gets defeated and return crawling.

Because of this one game, all other games in India are orphan. Our national game of Hockey does not receive and grants, or audience for that matter bcoz of Cricket. When Dhanraj Pillai returned after winning Hockey world cup from Australia, there was not a single person to welcome him at the airport. He cried of emotions and feelings…but Sachin didn’t even show one tear after getting bowled out on duck (ZERO).

We need more Sanias and Paes, many Limbarams, more Jaspal Rana, many PT Ushas and Milkhasing. Not these heartless, commitment-less and useless “cricket models” who are as good on TV commercials as bad they are on field.

Lets try to support all sports, and get them out of their monopoly. After all, we are TEAM INDIA!!

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