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Thank You!

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Thank you, for being so generous and giving your frank opinion and suggestions to improve this story Of Life, Love and Software. I treasure your inputs, and will work on them to make this blog more and more interesting, useful, and reader-friendly 😉

“The biggest room in this world is the room for improvement”. I dont know who said it, but i heard it from our dear Siddhu Praaji..on GILC-II.

I agree to it. Infact, its not only the biggest room, its the only room where you have no limits, no walls, no doors. Its totally upto you where you want the floor to finish. If you stop, BOOM, there is a wall. There shuts the door. but if you keep moving, the room keeps expanding, in all directions, in all manners, and it gives you more and more than you ask for. You, are on a roll!
And self imporvement is always good. ain’t it?

I am trying to do the same here, and thats why i need your inputs, always, to make my room bigger and bigger with each step, and extending my boundaries, going beyond the walls and the doors…and who knows, one day, even the great wall of china will also be unable to stop my way..(not that i am going to start writing in chinese) but its just an expression.

ok…enough for today..go back to your senses..while i take a nap…take care!

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