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This page is specially dedicated to Pallavi – my love, my life, my wife.

तू ही मेरी शब् है, सुबह है, तू ही दिन है मेरा! तू ही मेरा रब है, खुदा है, तू ही मेरी दुनिया!

Pallavi has brought lot of happiness in my life. Before Pallavi – i did know the meaning of fun, but it was not that fun! She taught me how to live life in the moment. She has a beatiful smile, mesmerizing eyes and a perfect harmony of nice, naughty and wonderful.

She makes life easy. Not only is she always caring, she is always there for me when i need her. 

Pallavi brings life to everything. However bad a day may be, she can make it a bright sunny day with her love and smile. She has always done that for me.

She is not only my wife, She is my best friend. I treasure her.

ना कुछ पुछा, ना कुछ मांगे, तुने दिल से दिया, जो दिया!
ना कुछ बोला, ना कुछ तोला… मुस्कुरा के दिया जो दिया..
तू ही धुप तू छाया, तू ही अपना पराया..
तुझ में रब दीखता है, यारा में क्या करुँ! 
सजदे सर झुकता है, यारा में क्या करुँ!

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