Aahan’s Second Birthday at Katy, TX

Aahan turned 2 on March 2nd, 2012. We celebrated his second birthday with a bash at the Inflatable Zone, Katy TX on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

Thanks to all the friends and their families to make this a memorable day for us—it was a pleasure to have you all with us. We had a lot of fun with y’all!

Event started at 6:30 PM with Radhe and Sowmya being there first – Well atleast we reached in time before other guests arrived 🙂

Some of you had to travel a long way to reach the venue, and juggle around your other priorities. We appreciate you taking time to be a part of our family, and Aahan will always cherish these moments and blessings! Thanks so much.

Btw, Aahan has to say something to you too..

Dear Uncle, Aunt, Friends and Family!!

Thanks so much for being a part of my 2nd Birthday Celebration. I love you all very much, and appreciate your blessings and gifts!  Thanks to my Mama for sending the nice sherwani that you all gave me compliments for!

I have already started playing with some of the toys but my mommy has locked up the others…I don’t know why she does that but probably I am too young to understand.

Hopefully by my next birthday i’d have broken them all so that you can bring me new ones..oh ho! my Thomas train is getting off track..let me get back to it…b bye…  

Here are the pictures from the celebration! (Captions are for fun, pure fun intended).

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Half A Decade. And Still Counting.

Today is 13th Feb 2011.

On 13th Feb 2006, i tied knot with Pallavi. Today, we completed 5 years of love, laughter, fun, arguments, fights, smiles, tears, excitement, worries, disappointments, success, enchantment and surprises.

5 years of love because thats what kept us going through all the other stuff – well there was hate too at one or more times, but it was momentary hate, that was destroyed by long lasting love.

Laugther, that originates from every silly thing Pallavi does, or every mistake i make, acted as medicine helped us relieve our pain and tears we had occassionaly.

Arguments seem to be part of life. Actually its the lifeblood of our conversation now, without which probably we’ll not be talking but just giving speeches. one thing that i had learned earlier in my life is that Arguments should be avoided for being succesful in life; I try: but doesn’t work. I have to give in and get into the argument; which sometimes gets converted into a fight; sometimes into surprises, but most of the times into 15$ rose bouquet and a 5$ hallmark card. 🙂 (Smiley is a must here or it could start another argument).

Disappointments have their own place in life, but when you have a life partner like Pallavi those short spans will go away pretty soon and success comes shining. With smiles and excitement on horizon, all sorrows and problems look small, when I am in the arms of my life partner, Pallavi.

Even though i kid a lot, i know in my heart that the I got the better part of the bargain…and i am gonna make the most of it. Looking forward to many more years to come…to enjoy the same love, laughter, faith, trust, excitement, surprises, fun, smiles, togetherness, warmth and above all – marriage!

Many many happy returns of the day Pallavi! Happy anniversary; Wish you all the love in the world – Happy valentine’s day!

1111 Wishes, 1111 Dreams – 1 Life

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी के हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले.. 
These few letters mean nothing if you just hear them as a song or poetry. But they mean a lot if you give it a thought.
A lifetime- few years, actually- and plenty of dreams. Myriads of wishes and hopes and wants that make this life even shorter.
Are those dreams really worth it? Sometimes i think YES! sometimes i think, may be Not.
On this first day of the new year 2011, i am contemplating the same thing again.
There are dreams and ambitions that make you do things you’d have never done before. Dreams give you power, strenght and courage to move forward. But when these dreams become hurdle in keeping peace with life, you wish you hadn’t dreamt.
God has given us in abundance – his love, his support, his blessings. We have everything we could dream of, if we have our health, family and happiness. What else is there to dream of?
Well, materialistically, there is no end. Sky is the limit. But really, what will we make of those materialistic things anyways? If you have a million dollar home, a limited edition sports car, a sparkling diamond jewellery,best designer clothes, world’s finest toys – But you don’t have anyone to share them with – are those dreams really worth it?
Yesterday I saw Aahan stand on his feet for 13 seconds. 13 seconds – and it was worth the happiness of 13 years. It was amazing to see those little feet supporting a little cute baby, smiling, bright eyes, cute gesture – and then he fell down. Just for 13 secs. But in those 13 seconds, the world just stopped. There were no dreams, no wants, no wishes and no worries whatsoever. Those are the moments, worth dreaming of. Those are the seconds worth a lifetime.
I know its a debate – and i know because i have had this debate a thousands times, with myself and others – so i’ll put the counter argument here too.
Even though, life is in all the small sweet moments that we cherish with our loved ones, family and friends, still, the zeal to get somewhere, the need to achieve something and the mere excitement of reaching the next level is all that makes us grow in life. If we don’t have those dreams and wants to shoot for – we are nothing but a rat in a routine rat-race.
Dreams are necessary evil – If you have them you have troubles. If you don’t you have nothing to shoot for. What matter most is a perfect balance, a harmony that will help you enjoy the life to fullest, as well as allow you to go for the best you can be!
Wishing you 1111 happy memories, cherishing dreams and special moments with your loved ones, friends, family and above all – Yourself. If you can make yourself happy, you’ll make the world a happier place to be!
Happy New Year!

Aahan’s India Trip

Here are some pictures from Aahan’s India Trip. In the 3 months that he spent in India, he lost his hair; got his set of first teeth; regrew his hair; started crawling and cruising…Took a train ride from Indore to Mumbai, went to the Chowpati (beach) in Mumbai, drove a car, played video games, celebrated Diwali and Dussera, enjoyed weddings and parties and much more…

What else can i say..pics tell it all:

At the wedding

Aahan at Sonu’s engagement

Aahan at the Dewas Dhaba

Aahan with his mom, Amit Uncle, Priya Aunt, GrandPa and kids

Aahan's welcome Party

Aahan's Welcome Party

On The Move!

Life is full of surprises…sometimes you have to take a decision in a snap, and that decision can change your life – your destiny.

Even though its hard to get out of your comfort zone, sometimes you have to do it. You may not want to take the risk – but sometimes, you have to.

Bigger the risk, better the rewards. Atleast that has been my experience. As i move on to a new journey in life, lots of more surprises must be waiting for sure.

Gladly, i have the wishes and support of all of my friends, colleagues and family.

So even though the woods are lonely, dark and deep, and I have miles to go before i sleep…i am sure it will all get better soon, and as i sow- so shall i reap. 🙂


When to Pee During a Movie?

Well, that title must have got you all excited and interested in what the hell i am talking about.

Ever had a feeling during a long movie that you want to go to pee – but you don’t want to miss any scenes either….there’s your dilemma.

Now, with RunPee.com, you can find the best time to pee during a movie. The website aims to tell you which scene/sequence in a movie is not worth holding your bladder. Your bladder can also enjoy the movies as much as you do!!

For example, if you went to watch the movie Avatar, and wanted to Pee – you can go Run and pee at 56 minutes, or 1:07, 1:33, 1:45. Those scenes are not worth the trouble of peeing in your pants or holding your breath to watch the movie.

Not just that, RunPee has an iphone app that you can download and use during the movie. you can start the app as soon as the movie starts, and it will vibrate – alarm you when the pee time is here!

RunPee is a family owned business and really a helpful service for people who need to pee a lot, but want to enjoy the movie too! Above all, its a great idea…

Tata Safari: Reclaim Your Life

Reclaim Your life with the all new Tata Safari Dicor.

The new Tata Safari Dicor has been designed to be a cut above the rest. With an all new chrome grill and chrome ORVMs, the exteriors are a head turner. While the dark graphite and beige interior trims with dark graphite and perforated tan leather combination upholstery, instrument cluster and the new wood trim give the interiors an air of sophistication.

Fuel Diesel
Type 2.2 L 16 Valve DOHC VTT DiCOR
Capacity (cc) 2179
Max. Output (PS) at rpm 140 @ 4000
Max. Torque (Nm) at rpm 320 @ 1700-2700
Gearbox G-76-, 5/4.1 – Synchromesh with Overdrive
Front Independent Double Wishbone with Torsion bar
Rear 5 link Suspension with coil springs
STEERING Power Steering, Adjustable Height & Collapsible
BRAKES Vacuum Assisted Independent Hydraulic
Front Ventilated Disc brake with Twin Pot caliper
Rear Drum brake, Auto Adjusting Type
TYRES & WHEELS 235/70 R 16, 105 S
Length / Width / Height 4650 / 1918 / 1925
Ground Clearance 205

Test Drive today at your nearest Tata Motors showroom!