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When to Pee During a Movie?

Well, that title must have got you all excited and interested in what the hell i am talking about.

Ever had a feeling during a long movie that you want to go to pee – but you don’t want to miss any scenes either….there’s your dilemma.

Now, with, you can find the best time to pee during a movie. The website aims to tell you which scene/sequence in a movie is not worth holding your bladder. Your bladder can also enjoy the movies as much as you do!!

For example, if you went to watch the movie Avatar, and wanted to Pee – you can go Run and pee at 56 minutes, or 1:07, 1:33, 1:45. Those scenes are not worth the trouble of peeing in your pants or holding your breath to watch the movie.

Not just that, RunPee has an iphone app that you can download and use during the movie. you can start the app as soon as the movie starts, and it will vibrate – alarm you when the pee time is here!

RunPee is a family owned business and really a helpful service for people who need to pee a lot, but want to enjoy the movie too! Above all, its a great idea…

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