Thanks Everyone!

Today is Thanksgiving – An Occasion to be thankful for everything we have, everything we achieved, received and learnt.

I am thankful to all my friends, family, wellwishers and nay-sayers for making me who i am.

There is always a way, where there is a will. Thats what i have learnt so far – from many of you. You are the one who has showed me the way, and some of you are still with me on the way, supporting my will.

I appreciate all the good wishes, support, coaching and hand holding i have received from you so far.

Have a Happy Thanks Giving Friends!

Gmail Offers 20 Gig for 5$ – Almost Free Storage forever?

Google dropped its additional storage prices for upto 20 GB diskspace to 5$ a year. Thats amazing if you have used up most of your current email and Picasa web albums storage limits.

It will help you store even more pictures and move all your full resolution Picture collections into the cloud.

Hopefully, it will remain there forever. Assuming Google’s dominance on the web it will last longer than some of the other photo sharing website like Sony’s Imagestation or Yahoo Photos (both shut down in 2008).

So if you’re running out of space in your overflowing inbox, or want to keep full resolution copies of thousands of photos, visit to see all the plans and to buy more storage.

Here is the link to Original Google News Post on their Gmail Blog

Lowest Indian Air fare Deals

If you are tying to find a Cheap Air fare Deal on all Domestic Flights in India, see below.

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If you book today, you can even avail as low as Rs 150 off on domestic flights or as much as upto 50% off on all domestic flights . Try the Great domestic flight deals on Ratefinder and plan for your next great holiday vacation. Great Deals on all return domestic flight. and Rs.400 off on all domestic flights

This is probably the best fare deal in India as travelocity is offering Up to 30% off on India hotels.

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Get FREE Photo Prints in India

Snapfish India – a new service from HP is giving away free prints just for joining the website and uploading your pictures.

Even if you have an account on Snapfish US website, you can still open an account on and start getting free prints. This is a great time to send photo prints to your family in India for FREE!

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Snapfish India also has hundreds of Photo gifts including photo mug, photo books, collages and posters. If you have interest in any of such stuff, visit snapfish for More Offers from HP Snapfish India.

Double Talk Time Deals from Airtel: Call India for less.

Airtel – One of the best Calling Quality for calls to India from US, Canada, Singapore and UK. Airtel is offering various festival and holiday offers for customers in USA, UK, Canada and Singapore.

Now you can get Double Talk time for any recharge more than 5$.

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Also, on Airtel now you can call anywhere in Gujrat for less than a cent: Call Gujarat @ 0.90 cents/min.

Avail the benefits of these offers today  US – Call India at 1 cent/min, If you are in Canada and want to get the benefit of this offer Canada – Call India @ 1.5 ¢/ min, or even if you are in Singapore there is a special India calling deal for you. Singapore – Call India at just 5.8 cents/min.

Call India from anywhere you are, using Airtel. Get great quality and service for pennies – literally.