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Project Management Comedy Video

Project Management is very intriguing concept and even more interestingly practiced by “normal” project managers. Here is our comic approach to project management – the musical bollywood style! A team of us at HCL did this skit for a 2 year celebration of our engagement at Teradyne in Boston. This was very welcomed by the […]

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The Cost of telling Truth.

Its funny- and tragic sometimes- how the incidents from your past come back to memory and haunt you. I was having a discussion with one of my younger cousins and while talking to him, i realized what could be the cost of truth really? He had recently told a lie and was being punished for the same. […]

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How To Book Ads in Any Indian Newspaper: Instantly!

If you are starting a new business, or just launching a new product; Even if you are thinking of doing the initial market research to see the interested audience, one of the easiest thing to do in India is to give a News paper classified ad. Ofcourse Google and other PPC ads do help, but […]

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How to Bankrupt Kohls and Save some Money in the process.

  Well, I know you have started reading this because of the interesting Title, and i promise I won’t disappoint you. How to Bankrupt Kohl’s and Save some Money in the process. Here is an example of you can be part of making Kohl’s bankrupt, and even save some money for your own shopping in […]

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