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To Ashish and Neelu: Congratulation!

My friend Ashish got married this monday- to my another friend Neelu. We all used to be together in college during our Masters. I feel bad that i was not able to join their wedding celebration in India but we do want to congratulate them and send wishes from the bottom of our heart. Ashish and Neelu were always […]

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Tomorrow Never Dies

I am not in the mood of action if you think that by looking at the James Bond title for this post. I am in the mood of some soul searching. We live in today. But we are always worried about tomorrow. Isn’t it? Why are we worried about tomorrow? Or, if not worried, why […]

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How to stay positive in todays environment?

Its a no brainer – everything is falling apart now a days. Every other person i meet has a story about a friend who was fired or laid off. Everyone i know knows somone whose visa got rejected. Every other day i hear about a project getting scrapped or postponed forever. Some of my very […]

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