To Ashish and Neelu: Congratulation!

My friend Ashish got married this monday- to my another friend Neelu. We all used to be together in college during our Masters.

I feel bad that i was not able to join their wedding celebration in India but we do want to congratulate them and send wishes from the bottom of our heart.

Ashish and Neelu were always good friends, but we never knew they could one day turn into a great couple! Well, the day is monday 27th. Its one of the best kept secrets ever. They knew each other for last 7 years, and i guess thats how long their love story has been so far.

Sometimes life is so mysterious. Things are in front of you and you dont even realize how they are. When i met Ashish 3 months back i didn’t know what going on. Even when talking about marriage he was like um, ah, unh. And today, he is married. Life comes at you fast, really.

Sometimes i just sit there and wonder – what have we achieved so far by being so far away from each other? Money? Job? Foreign-Visits? Does that really matter?

Sometimes i just sit there and wonder – was missing my friends and family a reasonable cost to pay for all these things?

There are people in your life who you can forget and nothing will happen. Then there are people who you can never forget – some of my friends including Ashish and Neelu are like that. But then why life is so cruel? Why it takes you away from your friends and family? Why do you have to make choices? Why?

I would love to know your answers because if i had answers to these questions, i wouldn’t be here writing about them. Anyways, thanks to Ashish and Neelu for getting married and reminding me of all these things that i always try to forget but i know that i never would…

Tomorrow Never Dies

I am not in the mood of action if you think that by looking at the James Bond title for this post.

I am in the mood of some soul searching. We live in today. But we are always worried about tomorrow. Isn’t it?

Why are we worried about tomorrow? Or, if not worried, why are we skeptical about tomorrow? Why can’t we be certain about somethings?

Well i was talking to my friend JD yesterday, and while talking the subject came up on how a few year back, we had no idea where we will end up. JD was studying in Mumbai and had no interest in coming to US. Well, all of his friends were preparing for GRE and his uncle wanted him to do so, so he did, and then he came to US for studies and life changed.

Me, i had no plans for anything. Everything sort of happened on its own. Whatever may be the case, i was moving ahead in life with luck or work..but it has been all good so far. But tomorrow is eternal. It has to come. It will come. Then why are we afraid of tomorrow? Whatever has to happen will happend then why are we so much skeptical? Lets be certain for a while.

Lets leave that hope behind and be certain for few minutes. If you are with me, close your eyes (first read completely) and believe in certainity instead of doubt. When you are certain, the whole universe will conspire to bring your certainity to life. If you really want something in your life, it will come to you.

You just have to keep moving, full speed, low speed, no speed – Just dont stop. Keep moving with the certainity in your mind, sparkle in your eyes and smile on your face – whatever the day brings, it will be for the best.

Tomorrow never dies, but it will bring a new hope, a new change, a new CERTAINITY.

Here is a thought that might help:
“Itni Muddat Se Maine Tumhe Paane ki Chahat ki hai, ke Har Jarre Ne Mujhe Tumse milane ki Koshish ki hai!”
Which means…
I have always wanted you so badly, that everything in this world has tried to make you mine.

What do you want so badly?

How to stay positive in todays environment?

Its a no brainer – everything is falling apart now a days. Every other person i meet has a story about a friend who was fired or laid off. Everyone i know knows somone whose visa got rejected. Every other day i hear about a project getting scrapped or postponed forever.

Some of my very dear friends lost their job this week. I felt very bad when i heard about it. These are people i worked with for last couple of years and was very greatful to have them as my team mates/colleagues. Today, they are gone.

Some of these people had great expectations from life. They invested in their personal and family life to make the most of it – and all of a sudden this blow must have shattered many of their dreams; If not for long, for short time ofcourse.

How long this will go on? I have not Idea. Is there a solution to fix this? Everyone is searching for one. What can we do? Yes, that i can tell you.

The only thing we can do in this environment and current situation is to have faith and confidence. Every once in a while -whether you believe it or not- God tests us. He wants to see how we perform against all odds. He wants to confirm if we still believe in him, and in ourselves. I am sure you must be feeling the pain of this situation in one or the other way, but this too shall pass.

Recently, many companies have done a salary cut including mine – but that does not mean we should be fearful of whats going to happen next? Whats going to happen will happen – You have not control over it. What you can control is how you react to it, and how can you make the best of it?

In my conversation with friends and family i always tell them that Job is not secure. It is the farthest thing from security – in the bad times. In good times ofcourse you love a 9 to 5 job which helps you pay bills, go on vacations and enjoy life to the fullest. But in the bad times, the entreprenuer in you start to kick you. What are you doing waiting for something to happen? Why do you like to be a puppet in someone’s hand? Why do you keep falling for the wrong stuff? Go, do something yourself and see how this world can stop you?

Friends, i can talk for long on this topic but that wont be justice to your important time. If you are reading this, i just want to tell you one thing – Have Faith in Yourself, and Trust in God. Things will get Better.

Who says that you can’t make a hole in the sky? Just throw a stone with all your might….

कौन कहता है के आसमां में सुराख़ नहीं हो सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों!
(Kaun Kehta Hai Ke Aasmaan Mein Surakh nahi ho sakta, Ek Patthar To Tabeeyat Se Ucchhalo Yaaron!)