From Laziness to Easiness

I was reading a fiction and in one of the scenes, the villain has lost to the superhero, and goes back to his mentor.The mentor says-“I have created a new chemical. If you take a bath in it, it will take two […]

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Jungle Raj?

Excerpts from NDTV: “Tuesday, August 28, 2007 (Bhagalpur) A man was beaten up by the public in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district after he reportedly snatched a woman’s chain. His hands were bound behind his back and he was thrashed by the public and […]

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Onam and Rakshabandhan

Its been a long time we haven’t talked about Life.This is specially to thank Aveen, Vishnu and Rohini for the first-ever Onam feast i had. It was just great! Once again its the beginning of festive season…Onam and Rakhi are here! Navratri […]

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Where are we going?

Found this great thought on Sandeep’s blog. Its worth readin, worth thinking, and worth sharing. Also, if it does inspire you, its worth taking action.Here you go…(you may goto the url or simply use the embed). Do let me know what comes […]

60 Years in Making

Today, on 15th Aug 2007, we celebrated our 60th independence day. We spent 60 years in the making..the making of India as we see today. Lot of people gave their sweat and blood to make it. Millions of people toil every day […]

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Is 1 Lac nothing today?

Yesterday while having our lunch in the cafeteria, we were just chatting. One of the friends said “now a days 1 lac is nothing. It has no value” (1 lac is 100,000) I didn’t say anything but wondered. Still wondering, if 1 […]

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