Shahrukh Craze !!

People have been bugging me for last one month- since the movie KANK have been released. I haven’t seen it yet – and thats what bothers them because I am a big fan of shahrukh..well i did not get a chance to go..but i am certain i want to watch it.

Anyways, whats so special about shahrukh khan that i am so crazy? Not only me why people across the world are crazy about this not so tall, not too handsome, not that extraordinary man?
Well i dont know the reasons for others, but of course can share mine. And you are most welcome to comment on this blog with you own reasons.

Well first of all Shahrukh has always been a struggler. He started his life from no where..he was not a son or relative of a film star or a producer director. He came to the city of dreams- Bombay- in search of his love, Gauri.
He has never been in gossips for all the bad things that other celebrities- even Amitabh for that matter – have been involved in. He has always been a simple, energetic and hardworking person. His energy levels can’t be beaten by any other living person. He devotes equal time to his profession and family life. He knows how to have a balance. He is the type of person i want to be..Thats why i like him.

This is straight from SRK – ”

Whatever business I do will be in some way connected to entertainment. I dream of one day owning a five-star hotel with a multiplex cinema and a bowling alley. I think there is some entertainment value attached to the hotel business. It forms a part of the entertainment industry. I like people to watch me shoot at Marine Drive and to have a smile. Similarly I would want people to come out of
my hotel with a smile on their faces.

And i share his dream too..thats why i like him. His name, Shahrukh, means “Face of the King”..and thats what he is, king of billions of hearts!

So all you sick 🙂 people who blame me for being a Shahrukh Fan, Go! get a life! 🙂

Love Will Find the Way…Please Pray!!


Where there is Love, there is a way.

Of course it looks easy, you should choose the first one. But wait, the first one is full of those deligtful things if you have your partner with you..its not a path to be travelled alone. And the decision he has to take is not his own decision, but its a decision of two lives.

I want both of them to understand that its not about them. Its about the other half. Its about the rest of the life that is ahead of them.

When you are in love, and are not able to decide, leave it to your heart. Follow the way it shows. Follow the lights and i bet you’ll get rid of darkness. A decision taken without love is a decision worth nothing. It will only be regretted.

I am praying for them, that they are able to take a right decision which will make them happy forever..and ever. After all, its in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.

I am praying for them so they can have the courage to let go the boundations of the material world.

I am praying for them so they can understand the importance of each other in their lives; so they can realize what they will miss being away; so they can realize its not about them…its about love, about life and about humanity.

Everyday a love story succeeds, humanity and love becomes stronger. Everytime a
love story fails, humanity falls weaker.

I am praying so their love story can succeed.

I want you to pray so they can be with each other everyday. I want you to pray, so that love will find the way!!


My morning started with a phone call from a very dear friend. He is in love. He is in dilemma.

He is on a fork on the road and not sure which way to choose. He has two options. One road leads to happiness, success, smiles, love, togetherness and life! Another way leads to loneliness, tears, sorrow and what not. I wish this decision was easy for him.

A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend again.

Again, because its been a routine to have great weekends with Pallavi and my friends around.
Great because it always tops the last weekends i had.
Weekend because it WAS a weekend 🙂

Ok, so long story short..we had this “belated” independence day celebrations at Malden on the saturday night. It was the first ever Indian function in the community and it was fun. I know, you are asking if i went on the stage. You bet. I cant resist stage. Anyways, so it was a nice experience.
On sunday we had a little get together at our home only…and it was not that little. Ashish, Rajesh, Aveen, Hardik and Amit were invited for breakfast and lunch, but they showed up at dinner time..not literally..but yeah, almost we cooked and eat some Kheer-Puri. Then pallavi’s SPICY vegetables that i cant eat without a glass of water. On top of that we had starter Pakodas and stuff.

Then we played Monopoly. And our economist Aveen won as always. Next time i am gonna beat him..for sure…

Story over. Moral time.
So the moral is…guess what?
Well, friends definately make life more and more wonderful to enjoy. There is no harm in making fool of yourself in front of others, on the stage, because anyways everyone is a fool after listening to you for 2 mins. And yeah, you need to be lucky to win Monopoly..specially when you are playing with cheaters 😉

PS:(I am still waiting on Mr. Patil for the picture..i’ll update it later)


Today is Indian independence day. A day we celebrate our freedom. The day when we celebrate our national integration. The day when we celebrate our spirit of fighting for what is true and what is right. Today we blah-blah-blah.

How about some reality check??

We celebrate freedom – Are we really free??
We celebrate national integration – What about personal integrity??
We celebrate te spirit of truth and righteousness – Are we really truthful and righteous?

I am not questioning you. I am questioning each one of us, including me.

I dont think we are free until we get ourself free from the mediocre thoughts of high and low class. Unless we abolish the concept of discrimination. We are not free until the man and woman in our nation have the same rights and they can be proud to enjoy them…when we have the law and order in order…when we have the public leaders show their leadership for philanthropy rather than malice.

We can not question integrity of the nation, or of the parliament for that matter unless we ourselves practice it. Havent you bribed anyone in past one year? Havent you sneak in the local without a ticket? Havent you tried to cheat on someone?
If your answer was no, may be i am asking the wrong questions. But what i want to say is, first, lets look what we are before we try to blame others.

Lets just not celebrate for the sake of celebration..lets be a part of the celebration. Lets be the part of the achievement for the nation. Lets first build it, and then be proud to criticize what we have built and improve it.

India in all essence, is still a great nation, and has a long way to go. Its our choice which way we want to take it…Vande Mataram!!

Are You Content?

I was chatting with Shiv today, and he mentioned the word “Content”. We were talking about a guy both of us know, who is not content. He is happy,not content.

Are you content. Is anyone of us content?

lets go back to the basics. What makes us content? What makes a life fulfilled? What is it that can make a person feel satisfied.

For me, its different. For you its different. But there are a few things that are commong among us. That is love, sense-of-accomplishment, realization-of-dreams and achieving success.

Please do correct me if i am wrong, but i believe, these are a few things that drive your happiness and satisfaction. I feel content when i reach a goal i have set for myself. But at the same time, i feel challenged to go set my bars higher and reach antother level. This realization of goals, and a inner drive to reach next goal, is what satisties me. If i am on the track, i feel content. If i am not, i feel discontent.

Someone asked me why do you want to fix goals and run behind them while you miss the fun on the way? I think, for me the fun is to achieve what i want to. For me the fun is to chase my dreams until i finally catch up with them. Ofcourse i miss the fun that life provides me – some times. But its no way equivalent to the fun i have.

Our friend that i am talkin about is not content because he is not able to realize his dreams. Thats what i feel. And once his dreams are fulfilled i bet he’ll be content, happy, and delighted.

Infectious Enthusiasm

I almost forgot about it. One of my friends reminded of it, and so i decided to write something. Enthusiasm is infectious. No matter regarding what – good or bad – if you are enthusiastic about it, you will get people involved. You will infect others.

Enthusiasm is a communicable disease. It has no cure. It has no medicine. It is a sweet poison which will make you feel better when you are sick with it.

But some people will find a way to get away from any kind of disease. And i have seen such people who have a shield around them, which will not let them get infected. They have a shield of NEGATIVE THINKING and ATTITUDE that will not let them think good and be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm can not go thru that shield, and people do not get infected.

That is one of the reasons i forgot about my infectious enthusiasm, because i have a few people around me who are shielded. They are vaccinated. And if i stay around them for long, I will loose my powers of infection. They will become penicilling for me. God does not want that, and so he sent me a doctors advice. Thanks to my friend for being a Hanuman for me and remind me of the powers i have.

My enthusiasm has helped me a lot. In achieving things, in reaching places, in creating success. Even making new friends. I wish i can stay the same, and be more enthusiastic in future. I wish to infect more and more people every day, so that they can go and infect others. After all enthusiasm and energy are the things that make this world moving.

Go ahead, Spread it. Enjoy it. Enthusiasm is the key to success.

A f r a i d – o f – M i s t a k e s ?

So i had this big meeting today..people with experience of 30+ years. People who see problems day in day out and solve them.

But today, i saw them creating a problem. They were afraid to make mistakes. They were trying to defend themselves. The speaker made a mistake – one of the audience pointed it out – and speaker had a real hard time accepting the mistake. His body language made it clear he was not prepared.

Why are we afraid of making mistakes? Are not mistakes just part of the learning process? Ofcourse i am not saying to make mistakes repeatedly, but once in a while, when you are new to it, its ok to make mistakes. Its more important to learn it and not repeat it. Think of it as if you have are entering a password..once wrong..its ok. You can try again. But if you enter the password wrong 3 times, you are locked! you account is no more accessible to you.

Same is with life. It will give you a chance for sure. You can make a mistake or do it right the first time. If you made a mistake, dont worry, learn from it and correct it. But if you repeat the same, you may be locked out, and life may stop throwing opportunities your way. So its always better to learn, and correct.

Take Charge. Take Control. Make it happen. But never be afraid of making, and accepting your mistakes.

What is Love?

I know its a question that no one has ever been able to answer. But its worth asking. What is love? What it means? When can you say confidently that you love someone, and when can you say you do not?

It concerns me when i see people breaking up. It concerns me when i talk to friends who are very nervous about commitment. And it concerns me when i know people who are having a hard time finding love, staying in love, and living a happy life.

Is happiness so costly? As Indu (konkana Sen) says in Omkara “Hansi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai zamaane mein”…is it really a big deal to find happiness??

Love is giving..not receiving. Before i go on talking about Love..let me talk about a different kind of Love.
Love- that is between a Brother and Sister. Today is Rakshabandhan, a festival of Brothers and Sisters. A brother loves a sister, even after knowing that one day she is going to go away from her. One day, she will go some place he may not be able to go to meet her. That day when someone else will take her. But the brother still loves her, selflessly. Its even more difficult for sister because she will be away from the brother, will miss him, and have no other option than just cry for a while.

That is love. To love selflessly. Not to worry if you have the person you love with you or not. Distance can not determine the intensity of love. It can just make it easy to miss someone.

Today, think about who you love selflessly. If you do not, think why not? Is there no one who deserves your love? Selfless love is the true love. And as with any good deed, this love will reciprocate itself. And you will get the love you deserve. Spread love in all ways you can, and it will come back to you, all the ways! always!

Happiness is just around the corner if you can start loving someone. Life is all about love and than some more. If you know someone who loves and cares for you, you should be happy instead of being sad that they miss you. If you miss someone, you should be happy that there is someone who cares for you. If someone makes you cry, you should be happy that there is someone who feels for you. No matter what, try to be happy..think the good things, be positive and everything else will fall in place. Love, Life and happiness are all on the same chip. Install it in your mind. And you are good to go!

Love someone. Be happy. Live a content life.

Friendship and the Day

So its friendship day.
I am not sure when it started, why it started and who started, but its a good thing to have. I am not very formal kind of a person and sometimes it gets really difficult to convey your feelings if you do not speak up. Ofcourse you feel in the heart, you want to thank a friend, you feel grateful towards them, you have all those feelings – but the guts to speak up. Then, there comes the day to say it all- in just a few words -“Happy Friendship Day”.

Friends are the most precious gift God has presented us. Best Friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us. Life would be a hell without good friend’s.

For last one month my friends have been very helpful to me. I don’t think i would have passed that month as smooth as it went without them. They were by my side when i needed them, and they are still there. Infact, the laptop i am writing this blog from is also one of my friends. They are just great.

Along with all these friends, i have one very important friend, infact my best friend- my wife. She is more friend than a wife to me. And that’s something wonderful about her.

Before i end this blog with a wish for my friends, i want to tell you this – Never ever misunderstand your friends. Make sure you keep your promises with your friends, and if you are not able to, say sorry. Just don’t let this relationship with your friends get bitter…Friends are one of the best things in life.

I hope – I wish – All these friends who are a treasure to me remain my friends, and i am able to be by their side when they need me. May God bless them all. Happy Friendship day once again.