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Shahrukh Craze !!

People have been bugging me for last one month- since the movie KANK have been released. I haven’t seen it yet – and thats what bothers them because I am a big fan of shahrukh..well i did not get a chance to go..but i am certain i want to watch it. Anyways, whats so special […]

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Ashish-Pallavi Video “Koi Tumsaa Nahin!”

visit for more!

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Love Will Find the Way…Please Pray!!

. . . . Where there is Love, there is a way. Of course it looks easy, you should choose the first one. But wait, the first one is full of those deligtful things if you have your partner with you..its not a path to be travelled alone. And the decision he has to take […]

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A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend again. Again, because its been a routine to have great weekends with Pallavi and my friends around. Great because it always tops the last weekends i had. Weekend because it WAS a weekend рџ™‚ Ok, so long story short..we had this “belated” independence day celebrations at Malden on the saturday […]

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Today is Indian independence day. A day we celebrate our freedom. The day when we celebrate our national integration. The day when we celebrate our spirit of fighting for what is true and what is right. Today we blah-blah-blah. How about some reality check?? We celebrate freedom – Are we really free??We celebrate national integration […]

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Are You Content?

I was chatting with Shiv today, and he mentioned the word “Content”. We were talking about a guy both of us know, who is not content. He is happy,not content. Are you content. Is anyone of us content? lets go back to the basics. What makes us content? What makes a life fulfilled? What is […]

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Infectious Enthusiasm

I almost forgot about it. One of my friends reminded of it, and so i decided to write something. Enthusiasm is infectious. No matter regarding what – good or bad – if you are enthusiastic about it, you will get people involved. You will infect others. Enthusiasm is a communicable disease. It has no cure. […]

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A f r a i d – o f – M i s t a k e s ?

So i had this big meeting today..people with experience of 30+ years. People who see problems day in day out and solve them. But today, i saw them creating a problem. They were afraid to make mistakes. They were trying to defend themselves. The speaker made a mistake – one of the audience pointed it […]

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What is Love?

I know its a question that no one has ever been able to answer. But its worth asking. What is love? What it means? When can you say confidently that you love someone, and when can you say you do not? It concerns me when i see people breaking up. It concerns me when i […]

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Friendship and the Day

So its friendship day.I am not sure when it started, why it started and who started, but its a good thing to have. I am not very formal kind of a person and sometimes it gets really difficult to convey your feelings if you do not speak up. Ofcourse you feel in the heart, you […]

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