Lucky! Am I ?

I feel lucky. Thing are going my way. If you go back to read my blog from last week, i was unlucky. I feel lucky today.
Am i really lucky or is it just the way thing are happening makes me think so? Does luck really exist? Do people get ahead only on their luck? Lets Rip.

Luck, i believe is Labor Under Correct Knowledge. If you know what you are doing, and know how to go about it, you can get ahead. If you just keep on waiting for your fate to throw opportunities at you, it may, but then are you prepared to grab them? Its a dilemma when it comes to making a wish, and making it happen. We all wish for good things. How many of us really do something to make it happen? Wishing is not a crime, dreams are not weapons. But to not work for realizing that dream, is a crime. Its like cheating yourself. God would not incite a dream on us if it were not to come true. He provides us with the ability to realize our dreams. We are the ones who do not use that ability, and over time, that ability vanishes. The passion dies. And life stops.

For last few weeks when things were not moving the way i wanted, i kept trying. Everything fell in place, and now i feel more secure and serene. Is that luck?

Thats all i had to talk about life. I want to end it with this- Luck does not exist isolated. Its the meeting point of opportunity and preparation. I got lucky when i met pallavi. She was an opportunity, and i was prepared. I feel lucky. Infact, i am lucky that i have a wonderful life partner like her. She is awesome. After missing her for almost 3 months, now she is here.

That was about love, and about software. Am i lucky enough to have a nice job in a growing organization with a decent pay? you bet! For the first one week i was not sure, but as the things have started becoming clear, i am interacting with client and my peers and knowing them, its getting more interesting.

Be it life, love or software, you get lucky if you put yourself into it. If you are not interested, luck is not interested in you. Go out there, do it, and you can have it all!

Life’s Beautiful!

so here i am after a very long break. But now i’ll be regular. Promise.

Well life’s beautiful because i am almost settled at Boston. Work has started. Its too tiring to sit in meetings all day and not being able to sleep. Afterall its a new job 🙂

This city has spread its arms to welcome me here, and provided some of the best things i always wanted. Office is not too far, commute is ok, grocery shops nearby, restaurants on walking distance. And above all, my very good friends in the neighbourhood. I used to hang out with these guys in Patni, and now they are here. Great!

And to make it all worthwhile, Pallavi has also joined me here. She flew in on Saturday evening, and she is sleeping since then. Jetlag. Well i’ll ask her how does she like America once she gets up.

Life seems to be beautiful today…but i know its going to be equally challenging tomorrow. And I am ready for it. Bring it on!

New Life

Its been a while i wrote a blog. Almost a week to be accurate. I was in transit. Transitioning from my last job to the new one. Its a new life. New city. New company. New attitude. New problems, and new opportunities.

Boston is a beatiful city. Its historical importance, its unpredictable weather, its cosmopolitan nature, the student community, the millionaires, best institutes…everything makes it more special. I have been here before, but this time, for a longer period.

Just trying to get settled here. last few days have gone by searching a decent apartment in the suburbs. Work has not yet started so its sorta good thing that i have time for personal things to finish.

Life never stops. Boston, like newyork, seems the same way. It never stops. You’ll find people running around, catching trains and buses to reach their destinations, cars in downtown crawl like dead. Its good to see the liveliness of this city. Thought its not comparable to NY City.

This new life has brought many new opportunities, new problems and new solutions need to be found. Need of the hour is to go with the flow and settle for the best..atleast the better.

Found some new friends, new people and new limitations. Everything seems to be new except for the fact that new is costly, and old is cheap 🙂 But there is no free lunch afterall. So i am cooking..lets see how it tastes. so long!


Veni, vidi, vici: I came, I saw, I conquered. (The laconic despatch in which Julius Ceasar announced to the Senate his victory over Pharnaces.)

That was Julius Ceasar. It was the time when Winning was everything. Ofcourse its the same today, winning is everything; but the difference is- Back then, you could remain the same and kill others or changes others to win. Today, you have to change yourself. If you can not change, you can not win.
Change not only your exterior, but interior too. Change not only your environment, but your thoughts too. Change, whatever you can, to reach where you want to…ofcourse, ethically correct changes i am talking about.

So, I came, I saw and I knew, i had to change if i want to get what i have thought of. Its a very difficult decision to change, and get out of your comfort zone.

I was in a comfort zone for last 4 years. I was loosing momentum. I was missing my sharpness. I had to go for an overhauling. A change that would bring back my creativity, my momentum, that speed, that enthusiasm and sharpness. So, I changed.

Now that i move ahead with a new dream, on a new journey towards my ultimate goal, I feel excited and anxious at the same time. Its always tough when you enter the uncharted. I am ready to explore, to learn and to get what i want, my own way…the right way.

And I am sure a day will come when i’ll say, Veni, Vidi, Vici!!


Why is life so uncertain? How can we control certainity?

These are the questions i have been asking myself for long. But since last two weeks, its been my daily raaga!

Things are happening at weird pace, and unbelievable uncertainity. I have made some decisions that people doont like, and people want me to make some decision that i dont want to. Everything is getting into a vicious circle. I know i will get out of it. I have faced many whirlpools before..but this one is quite tough.

I have thought a lot…and guess that its a part of life. Life bring you uncertainity so you could be a good decision maker. It makes you feel lonely so you can make new friends. It bring hurdles on the track so you could learn to jump. Life is a great teacher. And i am learning.

We are all just the same. We loose faith and courage when we should have it. We need someone to remind us of our power. Our abilities. And once we realizer what we can do, there is no stopping. We are on the fast track.

You dont need superpowers like Krissh to win the battle of your life. You dont need a brain like vishwanathan anand to predict the next-moves in your life. You dont need the stamina of maria sharapova to hit that ace.
What you need is a belief to change your uncertainity into certainity. And as always, if you think you can, you will.

My Sweet Angel

There is a special reason for today’s blog. The reason is a special person.

One of my dear friends asked me to fill her slambook today. We have been friends for years now – almost 8 yrs – but this is altogether different kind of friendship.
We have spent more times chatting online, than in person. We have spent more time away from each other, than closer. Its been a wonderful experience.

I still remember those days at my college when i used to go down to physics department just to meet her. I hardly knew her, but somehow we had a chemistry in the physics department. Sounds funny, but its true.

We didn’t meet that much, may be once a month or so. I still remember the days i helped her with her project – only what i could do with computers- nothing to do with physics. But yeah, those times were fun. Her way of pointing the font size, and the font style. Her way of saying “hame ye accha nahin laga..ise change karo”. Everything was so childish, so cute.

She moved on to be one of my best friends, i dont know how, i dont know when. We celebrated her birthday at the celebrations near shreemaya. And it was a wonderful day, bcoz it was 25th december, it was christmas, it was her birthday.

Anyways, we had to part with each other. I moved to bombay but promised to take her shopping if she ever visited me. That day is yet to come…and i am waiting for it. She joined her MBA after that, and was busy studying. I was busy working, learning, and flying in and out of india.

Recently, i met her, to invite her for my marriage. I had henna in my hair, but i did not wanted to loose this chance, so i drove 6 kilometers with green hair, to meet her. We had an icecream..okay, two icecreams bcoz we had one-on-one free offer. Talked a bit, and she scolded me for not planning to take pallavi with me to bombay. I had all valid reasons, but she kept on blaming me..and as always, i said sorry! she is invincible!

Well, i can never forgive her for not attending my marriage, but!

So, today is the day she was waiting for long. She finished her MBA final exams, and as i expected she got 93 out of 100 on her project and viva. She is brilliant.

The reason i am writing this blog is i cant fill her slambook from thousands of miles i m treating this blog as a slambook for her..just want to mention that she is one of the best friends i have. She is a wonderful girl, beauty with brains, as they say..she is just awesome.

Now if you were wondering who is she, her name is Shachi Mansingh. I am not sure if she’ll ever read this, but i am sure she will be a celebrity one day.

Gobhi Manchurian and Bread Rolls…

Have you ever had multiple new experiences in a very short time? Bad Things that you never wanted to happen, occurred one after another? and Good things you always thought will happen came along? Well…check this out..

Its independence day long weekend, monday was a day off for me, so we thought we’ll drive down to DC and meet Manish and Geetanjali bhabhi.
Started around 5:30 pm on friday evening, and reached at 10. Bhabhi had cooked Gobhi manchurian and fried rice for was superb…mmmm..i am still licking my fingers 😉

so we had a great dinner, than talked for a while and slept. In the morning manish went to get the city map from the car so we can plan out the day. Voila!! the car is gone. He was scared to death…the car is stolen? where is the car? who took my car?
He thought to check my car, and to his surprise my car was also gone. His first experience (and mine too) with towing. Yup! Our cars had been towed, bcoz they didnt had some permit. What permit? My car was a rental car..may be i am not supposed to drive out of state..may be Manish forgot to renew his emmission check stickers? After 1 hour of trying to find out, we came to know that our cars were towed becz they did not have the parking tickets required by the apatment complex. Anyways, we managed to take a cab and reached the towing company’s office. Now, they wanted 175$ for each car!!! thats gross. Yesterday the rates were 70$ but effective 1st July, the govt. has increased the rates to 175$…we fought for 2 hrs, but of no use. So, ultimately, we end up paying 350 $, plus cab charges of 20$ to get back our own cars! my gosh!

wait..if you are thinking the weekend is over, its not. We had fun all day long, and on sunday too…but as we moved back to home sunday evening it started for rain. Once we were in the house, it started to rain even harder. It was a thunderstorm. Trees started to fall down, no sight beyong 10 was horrible. We were watching Hera-Pheri on TV and suddenly the light went power..just candles. And the power returned at 10 am in the morning…a 30 hrs outage!!

That was some “perfect” weekend! After all this pain, there was only one thing that could make us forget it all and relax..yes, bhabhi’s delicious bread rolls…and so, we had it in the breakfast today.

Gobi manchurian and bread rolls i can never forget, and 175$ for car towing, and a night without ligt, i can never forget. But in the end, it was all worth it, as we met after exactly one year, and this time, it was more exciting, as little Ambudhi was also with us…her smile, her eyes, her cute little dimples, and her silly actions…that is one great weekend!!